About Stranleap

We are a successful business that has been specialized in furniture development and manufacturing. Through our over-a-decade efforts in strengthening manufacturing expertise and introducing eye-catching designs, we have successfully included a good number of giants all over the world such as hotel brands Shangri-La, The St. Regis, Westin, and the biggest cruise ship manufacturer from Italy, Fincantieri, ect. into our client base.


revolutionize the way
humans sleep

Some of the giants have been keeping educating us on how they look at what can be done to improve sleep quality, which really inspired us. We saw it as an opportunity of achieving something greater and more meaningful, so we started our relentless research on mattress. After countless failures on experimenting with trials of new materials, finally we found polyethylene resin based material works out the best. It turns out to be well received.

We created the brand of Stranleap . It was born with the genetic makeup of innovation under the vision to serve the purpose, which is to revolutionize the way we sleep. The speedy growth seen in the past 3 years in China is a strong evidence to the conclusion that the New Generation Mattress carries a magic power within, which helps convince us of its prevelence and popularity in the global market we can hardly wait to develop.

We believe the New Generation Mattress will revolutionize the way we sleep. If you believe what we believe, please join us as a part of what we do and spread the New Generation Mattress as a blessing to the world. Fore sure we will make it a name that can be remembered by and be passed down to our children’s children.


MDJH Kampagnen-Siegel GOLD DEU


Revolutionize the Way Humans Sleep.


Technology Empowers Sleep.


We believe business is where social resources are utilized to the best efficiency. If a business can not run at this level, it is a force that consumes the society, not a force that makes the world better.


· Innovation-Steered

  Innovations Distinguish between Ordinaries and Extra-ordinaries.

· Mission-Driven

  The Greater the Mission Is, the Better We Will Be Inspired.

· Introspection-Motivated

  What We Achieve inwardly Will Change Outer Reality.

· Perseverance-Empowered

  Nothing Can Defeat Us unless We Give up.