Using high polymer elastic science and technology materials imported from Japan.


Our New Generation Mattress is made of a food-grade, nontoxic, efficient and recyclable fiber, designed to completely align spine and relieve pain. Through its unique interwoven design, the mattress helps you roll over easily, distribute weight evenly and allows airflow to help keep you in a deeper restful sleep. It is 100% washable, a cleaner mattress.


IIts special structure allows air to be permeable into the mattress thoroughly, preventing people from feeling stuffy. This could be a greater blessing to bed-bound patients, no risk of pressure ulcer at all as well as to babies, no worry of sweaty backs at all.


Like no other mattresses, our New Generation Mattress is the cleanest on earth. Its special structure allows water and detergent to penetrate, enabling it to be cleaned, which helps remove viruses, bacteria, bedbugs, dust mites, spills, pet hair, dander, etc. This performance also creates a chance for mothers(nurses) to decide whether to have babies(patients) to wear a diaper.


The New Generation Mattress is highly resilient, bouncing back immediately after pressure on it is removed, which helps really reduce physical strain and lessens muscle activity while in sleep so people can wake up feeling more invigorated.


It has successfully gone through a pressure resistance test of 80000 times, and the result sees a neglectable sinkage , which is a big win for your wallet and the environment.


Our thin mattress (much lighter than other ones sized the same) can be rolled into a suitcase, enabling people totravel with their loved sleep solution anywhere. Our thick mattress can be detached into 3 modules, stackable, easier to store.


The modular design allowing people to have 3 modules(firm, soft and moderate) into one mattress, enables people to personalize their comfort according to their sleep preferences.


The core of the New Generation Mattress is made of a food grade, non-toxic, recyclable and efficient material, leading to the minimal emission of harmful substances and waste. Its high recyclability enables it to be melted unlimited times to make new products, no risk of infection, untoxication and pollution at all. Its eco-friendliness leaves the lowest carbon footprint to the earth.